viernes, 20 de abril de 2007

My classmate's blogs!

These are some of the comments that I made to my friends!Check them out!

- Fabiola. My dream House -->
- Miguel. Biography -->
- Yennymar. Know a little of my life -->
- Ana Paola. My dream House -->

jueves, 19 de abril de 2007


This first level has been great. I have learned a lot of English and other things...It's been really easy to learn and knows new things. I hope level 2 to be like this and keep learning and shining! In this level I learned about weather, clothes, my family, people's job, where things are, and how to express myself in english... Well it's been a great level and i Hope you keep learning more! Take care and see you around! Alaxandra<3!

People's Job!

There's a lot of jobs.. take a look at this!

Some people are Engineerings, they fix things like heavy machines, cars, computers, ships, and they know about math, chemistry and algebra. Some people are Lawyers, they defend people, make paper work for buying or selling things. Some people are Doctors, they save people's life, investigate, and make surgeries. There's people that are veterinary and cure animals. There's mechanics, ortodoncist, graphic designers, and a lots of other jobs!

Well of you have more yobs come and share with me!

My dream House!

This Is my Dream House..I hope can buy it one day!

My dream house is pretty, it has seven bedrooms. One it’s mine, the other is my parent’s room and the other is the guest room. It has a studio, and nine bathrooms. The studio has a computer, my books, my dad’s paperwork, and nice couch and a TV. The kitchen is really big and there’s a refrigerator, an oven, a microwave, a coffeemaker, a toaster and a lot of plates, glasses and cups.
In the living room there’s a huge TV, a home theater, a big couch and a little table.
It also has a great pool, a tennis court, a spa, and a private gym.
My dream house has an attic and a garage for 10 cars!

You have a dream house?What is it like?


My Family Tree!

Hi. My name’s Alexandra and this is My Family tree!

Alex is my dad, and Nilvania is my mom. They’re my parents.

My grandmother’s name is Angela and she is the mother of my mom.

My other grandmother is Olimpia and she’s the mother of my dad.

My grandfather is Renato, and he’s the father of my dad. And the other is Carlos; he’s my mother’s dad.

Manuel is my brother.

I have three uncles and 9 aunts.

I have a lot of cousins.

I have a great family...what about yours?!Take care!


My routine!=)

This is what I do every day!Take a look!

On Monday I get up at 6:30, I don’t sleep late on Mondays. I take a quick bath, get dressed and go to the University. I listen to my classes and go to my home at 12:00 at noon. When I get to my house I sleep all the afternoon.

On Tuesday I get up early and I make some exercises. Then I eat my breakfast and go to my classes. In the evening I go to the movies or go dinner with a friend.

On Wednesday I sleep late, read the newspaper, check my mail and then go to my driving lessons.

On Thursday I get up early, eat my breakfast, go to class all morning and afternoon, and I sleep really early because usually I get really tired.

On Friday I go to my English class in URBE and then go to my tennis class, and in the night I usually have fun with my friends.'s kinda boring but thats my routine!

What are we doing?

This is a common saturday or sunday in my family.

This is a picture of my family, the one with the brown pant, white shirt it’s my dad he’s making a barbecue, and he’s cooking in the grill, the girl who’s screaming right next to her is my mom, she’s screaming because she can’t find the bowl with the mash potato, she’s wearing a black skirt and a yellow t-shirt, behind my mom it’s my brother who’s looking under the table to see if he finds his baseball bat, he’s wearing his swimsuit and a red cap… and finally me. I’m relaxing in the pool behind the grill, and in front of a big tree, I’m wearing my swimsuit, sandals and black sun glasses.